Commit to Success

Commit to Success

When I finally came to understand that the of improvement of our lives is directly proportional to our self-improvement, I knew that I had to act upon this TODAY. 

If someone told you: “Hey, are you happy right now? Good, because your life will stay the same forever. Your relationship won’t improve, your career won’t change… you have achieved the maximum in all areas of your life already”. What would you think? I’d think:  “Then what’s the point of going on?”. What if you know that the only way to change this is to change yourself? Would you act upon it?  I am at a time where I feel so committed and ready to improve and change my life and set my priorities to become the best version of me.  Here’s what I know:

Step one: Love yourself! with your highs and your lows, your best and your worst! It took me YEARS to be able to accept myself. Thanks to so many great people that have showed me the way and to so many books and YouTube videos. If you allow me to give you one advice, it’s to redefine yourself in your own eyes today. You are not your job, your name, your gender, nationality, status, family link or religion. You are not what you do, you are what you believe, you are your values. At the core you are loving, honest, caring, growing, developing, helpful, human being. You are not and Cannot be a quitter, a criminal, a lawyer, a manager, … these are things that you do, they do not define you.

Step two: Set your goals. See them clearly before your eyes. See yourself in the best health, a healthy relationship, the career you want or whatever are your goals. See it, believe it, you can achieve it.

Step Three: Commit to it. This is the most important step. Also, the hardest. You can do absolutely anything you commit too, (unless you are somehow committed to grow wings or become a camel, in this case, let me know how it goes). And Keep motivating yourself and committing to it everyday

Step four: Accept the fact that your life will change and that you will have to give up somethings in return. Truth is, there are only 24 hours in a day. If you decide to integrate 1 hour of writing in them, it means you must give up 1 hour of something else, where it be sleep, TV, outings, cooking, etc. This hour won’t magically be added to your day. Realize this and accept it. It will make everything easier.

Step five: Never stop learning. Unless you no longer want to improve your life, you have to keep improving yourself. That’s why Robert T. Kiyosaki, who wrote at least 15 self-development books, still reads every self-improvement book that he can get his hands on! Bill Gates (second richest man in the world) reads 50 nonfiction books a year. It sends a clear message.

Do you have any tips or advice on how to improve this plan or make it more effective? Do you think it’s complete BS? Please let me know.



Writing prompt

Writing prompt

I looked out of the window of the hut on the boarder of the forest; the sun was shining in an announcement a new day. There is a deer walking slowly, with a large piece missing of her stomach! Heart beating loud I looked away. The sight of hurt animals pains me. Sipping my coffee, a car’s engine voice was announcing that my sister’s family have arrived and that I shall make more coffee and wake up babe.
“What an amazing place… So many animals around”, she said pushing aside the curtain to see better.
“OMG Hannah, did you see that!” I looked briefly to see a deer and said nonchalantly “yeah I saw the deer this morning, I don’t want to see it again, we can’t help it…” “it’s not just the deer!” She interrupted in a shaky voice.
I looked again. It was a different one actually, with her tail missing and was walking in difficulty. A big bird had been apparently bitten in the neck! Further, away, we could see a fox with a missing leg! All around, every animal we saw had some kind on injury. What the hell is going on?!