What my one year old eats

What my one year old eats

There is a question that I get asked all the time from mommies with younger babies, that question is: What should I feed him?

I wanted to write this post because I have a system that works for me and I don’t know if  everyone else knows about it. My pediatrician had helped me to come up with this system, it makes it so easy for me to prepare her meals instantly  without having to overthink it or worry if she’s having too much of one thing and not enough of another.
Allow me to tell you first the general idea, then finish with my go to meals in the order of my personal preference.
In my head I have the food divided into: Fruits, vegetables, protein ( mostly animal protein), milk products and carbs, so here’s how it goes:

my baby has

-fruits twice a day,

-vegetables twice a day,

-animal protein once

-carbs in every meal.

-I try to limit milk products since she already has two bottles of milk a day but I mostly fail because yogurt is her true love ❤ 

And here are how most days meals go:


As soon as she wakes up she has a bottle of formula milk then after an hour she has either:
oatmeal: prepared with water and a dash of milk, one mashed banana and any available fruits, followed by a yogurt.
scrambled eggs: with rice, oatmeal or shredded toast followed by a fruit. Does this sound weird? The reason I put oatmeal or rice in it is that Lina refuse to eat bread next to the eggs, so when I put precooked rice or oats in it it doesn’t bother her and she gets her carbs. so it works.
cheese sandwich: followed by a fruit smoothies (apples plus any other fruit)


Rice/ pasta/ or potatoes/… with mashed veggies and shredded meat/chicken/fish.  this is so vague because she usually has whatever we are having for lunch. Except when we eat out then I prepare something specially for her.

Sometimes I skip the animal protein when she had had eggs for breakfast


Same as lunch but without the meat, so only carbs and vegetables.


Yogurt, fruits,biscuits, banana, cucumber, grapes, a sandwich,… whatever is availble

Then finally before bed she takes her second and last bottle of milk

So here’s what my baby eats. If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know in the comments and Bon appetit ❤