I looked out of the window of the hut on the boarder of the forest; the sun was shining in an announcement a new day. There is a deer walking slowly, with a large piece missing of her stomach! Heart beating loud I looked away. The sight of hurt animals pains me. Sipping my coffee, a car’s engine voice was announcing that my sister’s family have arrived and that I shall make more coffee and wake up babe.
“What an amazing place… So many animals around”, she said pushing aside the curtain to see better.
“OMG Hannah, did you see that!” I looked briefly to see a deer and said nonchalantly “yeah I saw the deer this morning, I don’t want to see it again, we can’t help it…” “it’s not just the deer!” She interrupted in a shaky voice.
I looked again. It was a different one actually, with her tail missing and was walking in difficulty. A big bird had been apparently bitten in the neck! Further, away, we could see a fox with a missing leg! All around, every animal we saw had some kind on injury. What the hell is going on?!


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