A few months ago I turned the TV on, and there it was… the video that changed my way of thinking about food forever!
It was just a documentary on farm animals. It was filming a cow giving birth. As soon as the calf was out, some men came and took it. The mother, who didn’t get the chance to breastfeed, smell or even look at her baby, seemed lost!  The voice of the commentator said: “this is a milk cow, her milk is meant for us, humans ,to consume. It’s not to feed her children”. The men had put the calf in a truck and the mother was walking desperately behind the truck until she lost sight of it. The commentator continued:” if the calf is a female, it will become a milk cow like her mother, if it’s a male it will be kept alive shortly before it is sent to the slaughterhouse”.

It felt like a slap from reality, like heartbreak, and worst yet, like guilt. I realized that even though L feel sorry, I am a part of the problem!
I know as a fact that I, like most people, eat and drink way more animal products than what I really need. I also know that the increasing demand on animal products is what pushes suppliers to deal with animals in such inhuman ways.
Can you imagine that because we are eating more than we need, the animals are suffering?
It was one more reason for me to watch my animal products intake, other than the health reason I had talked about in a previous post.
Today, I still consume animal products but I’m aware of the quantity. I try to reduce it, instead of cheese or eggs I have fruits and oats for breakfast, and instead of the oats being cooked with milk I cook them with water and just add a dash of milk at the end.
I still have my meatless Mondays , where I get my protein from the better source, plants! Beans, broccoli, chickpeas, lentils, peanuts, quinoa, spinach,… are all amazing and healthy sources of protein that doesn’t hurt anybody. I really hope that by cutting down my intake, I might make even the slightest change in the environment.
Did you ever think about how much animal products do you consume everyday? Did you ever think about how it’s affecting the animals and your health? Please leave me a comment, I would love to hear your opinion.

Thank you.

(Oh by the way am writing this with Lina on my lap so would you be so nice to excuse any typos, I will proof read later 😉 )


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