If you are a stay at home parent like me, you know that despite what the “perfect moms” say, we don’t really worry about “special bonding time” with our babies as we worry about “alone time” without them.

But because I took time with my baby for granted, I was never ‘fully’ with her. I was always half there.

I felt that I was better exploiting time if am checking whatsapp and Facebook while sitting with Lina because I can do it while am sitting down or holding her. It only needs one hand and not a lot of concentration.

I caught myself numerous times sitting with my baby and not paying any attention to what she’s doing because am so caught up in posting or commenting nonsense… hurts to admit I even caught myself delaying picking her up while she’s crying until I finish checking a notification, but the final straw was a time that I left my baby sitting in front of me with her mouth wide open, because I just couldn’t stop answering this women I have never even met, while feeding my baby!

This day I realized that it’s no longer harmless socializing, it has become an addiction. The first thing that came to my mind was simple, I deleted the apps from my phone and my iPad ( my phone alone had 3 Facebook apps).

This very small act has totally changed my life! It has been a month now and it’s almost unbelievable how much more time I have. It has also allowed me to really enjoy Lina’s company without the notifications popping on the mobile lock screen every five minutes. Now I barely remember to open it when my baby sleeps or naps. I hardly check it twice a day. You don’t even want to know how many times I used to open it before. COUNTLESS!

I’m sharing my embarrassing story because it might inspire someone else, who misses on their children playing, friends lunches and family bonding time because they can’t resist checking the notifications. Believe me, Facebook will wait, if you can’t… Delete the stupid app.


9 thoughts on “How having one Less app changed my life

  1. I totally agree with you.. Nevertheless , sometimes moms miss having longer time to themselves.. Not only a “baby nap ” laps of time .. Et oui, c’est comme ça les mamans 😊…

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  2. Thanks for sharing your thought ! We have similarities in our thought, cause we love our families so much! I never created my facebook account, eventhough all my friends have got!Many of my friends misunderstood me! Anything for our families! 😃

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