In another life, I had time for long hair…

in this current life though, since an angel called Lina came along, for six months I finished every shower with crying in the background and no time left to do anything (including brushing my hair), but the really annoying thing was, half the time I spent in the shower I spent gathering my excessively falling hair from the bottom of the tub.

I remembered the Egyptian proverb that says “block the door that brings you trouble” or in Egyptian الباب اللي يجيلك منه الريح، سده و استريح. And I did.I got rid of most of my hair and got a short pixie instead. 

Wow, older generations were so Right about that proverb! I LOVE it, I have never felt so stress free about my hair like I do now, I wake up looking put together, and I go to shower to actually SHOWER and finish in 10 minutes, The feeling of water touching my head is so amazing and the ease of handling short hair is addictive. Not just that, it also gave me time to do a small shower routine afterwards… like towel dry, put on deodorant, brush my hair…(Only moms will get the sarcasm)!!

Don’t get me wrong I never hated my hair, but it was so stressful. Their frizzy and curly nature meant waking up a complete mess, NEVER EVER knowing how it will look after the shower (the curly hair mystery) and my “post baby” hair was always in a stupid lifeless ponytail anyways.

My mom was so worried about this haircut, I believe she’d be less worried if I had told her I’m going to cut Her hair, and my husband and sister were picturing me cry over a ponytail of curly human hair.

I myself didn’t know what I was getting into or how am going to look or how to handle short hair, having always had long locks. But as the overjoyed hairdresser was cutting my hair, the ladies in the hair salon where staring at me with big round eyes, and as the hair on my head was getting shorter and shorter I was happy, a week later now, I think it’s the best hair decision I’ve ever took.

While at the Salon another hairdresser caught my cut ponytail while I was washing my hair and yelled in French “Where is the head?I’m looking for the head!”


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