A few days ago a friend of mine was talking to me about happiness and how he defines it, right then I didn’t know what was my own definition for happiness.

Then today I went out with my girlfriends, and as usual came back in that happy state I always have after spending time with them. We go out and we just talk about anything and everything, food, boys (of course), relationships, family, work, beauty…. no matter what is going on in our lives we always have a good laugh and time ends too soon (even when we’re having a sleepover).

Thinking about this I realized that happiness is not a place that you reach and just stay in forever!  Because it’s not about reaching a certain position at work, or having a certain amount of money or beauty. It’s a feeling, and it’s renewable! Like feeling full after a generous meal doesn’t mean you’ll be full forever 🙂 It’s doing something that makes you feel good during, and afterwards. It can be spending time with your new born baby, in the arms of your hubby, contemplating on the beach, eating a homemade meal with your parents…

I now have a better understanding of the saying “Money can’t buy happiness” I don’t think I ever reached that phase of inner peace and satisfaction after seeing that I had enough money in my bank account, but rather when I see that I have enough love to get me through the toughest times <3.

And you? What makes you happy?


One thought on “What makes you Happy?

  1. I really like what you wrote👍
    For me happiness is :
    1- spending time with my mother
    2- spending time with RFLY (my girlfriends)


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